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WEISS 18650 - 2250 mAh


3.7 V WEISS lithium-ion battery with 2250 mAh Panasonic cell suitable for various flashlights. Equipped with protective circuit (IC Protection / PCB) against overcharge and deep discharge.

WEISS Li-Ion battery made from an original Panasonic 18650 cells

Caption Weiss 18650 - 2250 mAh
EAN / UPC 4250420109395
Brand WEISS - more power +
Type Li-Ion
Manufacturer (cells) Panasonic
Cell model CGR18650CG / LIC18650P2.25
Typical Capacity 2250 mAh (8,32Wh)
Min. capacity 2150 mAh (7,95Wh)
Voltage 3.7 V
Standard charging 450mA x 5.5 h at 4.2 V
Quick charging 1125mA x 2.5 hr at 4.2 V
Maximal charging current 2000mA
Maximal discharge current 5000mA (continuous)
Discharge end voltage 3 V
Colour white