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Tivoli MA-1 / MA-2 battery


The WEISS MA-2 rechargeable battery is suitable for the Tivoli Audio Radios iPAL and PAL units. The WEISS rechargeable battery has, with its 2000 mAh, comparable quality to the original battery but with a much higher power output than the original rechargeable battery. The rechargeable battery pack consists of 6 Sanyo eneloop AA cells (the newest version!), and can be recharged up to 1500 times. The other advantages of the ready-to-use rechargeable batteries from Sanyo: Very low self-discharge, and they can be fitted immediately because they’ve already been charged.

7,2V NI-MH replacement rechargeable battery from WEISS with 2000 mAh is suitable for the Tivoli Audio MA-1 / MA-2. It can be fitted immediately, thanks to the Sanyo eneloop cells in the newest version with 1500 charging cycles.

Caption MA-1 / MA-2
EAN / UPC 4250420104321
System Ni-MH
Capacity 2000 mAh
Volt 7,2 V
Weight 160 g
Measures 51 x 28,5 x 42,5 mm
Colour white

Kompatibel mit folgenden Geräten: